Steel Cutting Benefits

Reduce Costs and Improve Yield with Levy’s Burrless Steel Cutting Machine

Burrless Steel Cutting Benefits include:

  • Up to five "child" burrless slabs can be cut in a single operation.
  • One operator per shift can produce over 90,000 tons of finished product per month.
  • Environmentally friendly and safer working conditions for the operator.
  • It is impossible to cut a steel slab "off square." Gravity ensures that the slab rests in a parallel position as the torch tracks at 90 degrees.
  • The PLC and computer controls monitor to an accuracy of 1/16 inch on cut pieces.
  • The kerf width has been reduced to only 1/4 inch, significantly improving yield.
  • Energy consumption is reduced. Automatic on/off torch controls eliminate gas and oxygen waste.
  • Productivity monitoring, a vital tool to production management, is built into the system enabling continuous improvement programs to be implemented to the automated steel cutting machine.
  • The burrless slab cooler cutting process avoids thermal shock cracks on most grades of steel. No preheating is necessary.