Steel Conditioning Benefits

Levy’s Slab Conditioning Customer Has Seen Significant Benefits

The critical metric measurement for the Hot Mill is the reject rate of slivers, measured in the Cold Mill. These almost microscopic flecks of metal can protrude from the strip surface and, once painted, stand out like a sore thumb, an obvious steel defect. The sliver rate has decreased – in part – because of the high quality of scarfed slab produced by Levy's robotic scarfing technology.

In fact, upon facility startup, ArcelorMittal required three different speed levels producing three different depth removal rates. Our statistical analysis indicated that because of the increased steel slab surface quality, only one speed is now required, and this one speed equates to the smallest amount of metal removed – approximately 0.125” per side. In turn, the slab-to-coil yield has benefited about three percent.